Author of Kick-ass Mysteries & Thrillers

Reese's Leap
Hunter Huntress

Sailor and novelist Darcy Scott grew up in southern Connecticut and graduated summa cum laude from Smith College. Over the years she's worked as a meat wrapper, symphony orchestra marketing director, electronics assembler, property manager, burger flipper, bookkeeper, telephone solicitor, freelance writer, waitress, associate magazine publisher, sous chef, and marine industry publicist—all of it proving excellent grist for the authorial mill.

The first time she wrote anything of length dates to a train ride from Washington D.C. to New York City at the age of 12. It was a romance of sorts—Paul McCartney as a man smitten and herself the object of his desire—and dragged on for some 40 pages. After much consideration, she wisely opted not to submit it to Seventeen Magazine. The next writerly event of note involved a seventh-grade English teacher who praised her "considerable writing talent," with the caveat that she was far too lazy to make anything of it. Just as wisely, she ignored him. As an adult, Darcy spent several years writing for such regional magazines as "Maine Boats and Harbors," "New Hampshire Life," "Seacoast Business Digest," and "Harborview," before turning her attention to novels.

An experienced ocean cruiser who lives much of the year on her sailboat in Maine, Darcy has sailed to Grenada and back on a whim, island-hopped through the Caribbean, and been struck by lightning in the middle of the Gulf Stream. Her appreciation of the history and rugged beauty of Maine's sparsely populated out-islands serves as inspiration for the books in her Island Mystery Series: Matinicus (May, 2012), Reese's Leap (March, 2013), and Ragged Island, currently in the works. Her debut novel, Hunter Huntress, was published in June, 2010 by Snowbooks, Ltd., UK.