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Ragged Island

Reese's Leap

Book 3 in Darcy Scott's "Island Mystery Series"

Gil Hodges has a thorny past he can't shake: a string of sordid, failed relationships, outrageous wrongs never put right, and a gut-wrenching moral compromise made years ago with a stone-cold killer—one who slips in and out of his life at will, taunting him, haunting his dreams. And back now with a vengeance, it seems. Question is why.

The timing couldn't be worse. At an all-time personal low after watching two people die and almost losing his own life during a harrowing week on remote Mistake Island, Gil is overwhelmed with regret, paralyzed by self-doubt, and beset by personal demons he can no longer keep at bay. Then, out of the blue, love walks in. The real thing. A woman Gil thought he'd never find and quickly discovers he can't live without. Desperate to make a fresh start, he must first distance himself from the murderer who relentlessly shadows him, obsessed with one terrifying goal and bent on Gil's helping to achieve it, no matter the cost. Determined to cut this tie once and for all, Gil risks everything by going back to where it all started—back to Matinicus.