Margel's Madness

Margel's Madness

Darcy Scott sails her authorial craft into deeper waters with this unflinching, semi-autobiographical take on a young woman’s determination to make a fresh start—an extraordinarily powerful tale of family secrets, emotional betrayal and hidden death.

Tension is high in Mosquito Harbor, Maine, where the eccentric Cousins family is facing off against wealthy escapees from urban sprawl determined on carving out their own piece of the coast. Edgy, intense Margel Matthews, a 30-year-old single mother also “from away,” is an escapee of a different sort. Having broken with her toxic family, she lands in town desperate for a quiet life with her free-spirited, four-year-old daughter, only to find herself befriended against all local tradition by the Cousins’ crusty, seventy-year-old patriarch.

When her mother’s death draws near, Margel is forced into a guilt-ridden re-involvement with all she left behind, only to be rocked by explosive revelations about the part she unknowingly played in the unspeakable betrayals of her childhood. As she fights to protect her daughter from the horrors of her past and a darkness she, herself, carries, a shocking discovery shakes the town to its core and she’s forced to choose between a fleeting chance at happiness and her responsibilities to those she loves.

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"Riveting. Scott delivers a novel rich in the intricacies of family with all the intrigue of her award-winning mysteries."

Cady Elizabeth Arnold Cady Elizabeth Arnold The Tapestry series

"Darcy Scott's newest work is a true gift. Beautifully written, with complex characters that are simply drawn, I was fully engaged in this story from the get-go."

Readers Favorite Book Reviews Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

"A clever psychological drama."

The Kennebec Journal Bill Bushnell, The Kennebec Journal