book groups: Reese's Leap

questions to consider

1. Every character in Reese's Leap is keeping at least one important secret that will change the course of the story. Discuss these secrets, their importance to the overall plot and the toll they take on those who keep them.

2. Friendship is an important theme in the book. Compare and contrast the different forms it takes here, the inherent tensions and complications involved. Do you feel friendships between men are more or less competitive than those between women? Why?

3. The Island Women draw much of their strength from their loyalty to the group. Discuss how the things they go through together over the course of the story impact that loyalty. Would you have made the same decisions they did?

4. Gil's interest in Nora is complicated, intensifying throughout the book until, at its end, he's ready to kill for her. Consider this from the standpoint of his various addictions and how they color his take on the world.

5. Consider Mistake Island’s role as a character in the book, and discuss the ways its atmosphere frames the story. Do you feel it’s a benevolent or malevolent place?

6. The Island Women are all strong, resilient characters. Who do you feel is the most resourceful and why?

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